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    Brooklyn Xpress is the by product of the two most influential time periods of streetwear. The 1990s when streetwear captured its identity in the fashion world and today’s rejuvenation of streetwear. With both eras of streetwear as the fundamental core of our brand, we added the heart and soul of Brooklyn. The quest is to create a brand that exemplifies not only streetwear but the voice of Brooklyn through streetwear. We consistently merge the culture, art, and energy of Brooklyn with timeless streetwear trends.


    Brooklyn’s one of the 5 boroughs that make up the greatest city in the world, New York City. At 350 years young and a population of 3 million and counting, Brooklyn has the gravity, voice, and culture as any other independent city on this planet.
    Throughout Brooklyn’s 350 year lifetime, it has been a beacon for generations around the world that have sought for new opportunities, freedom/equality, acceptance, equality, and a new beginning. Incredibly diverse & multi faceted BROOKLYN exudes a unique energy, independence, distinction & character. Powerful symbols with a spirit of their own include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Barclay Center, Dumbo, Williamsburg & Coney Island! (not needed)


    BROOKLYN XPRESS fashion, identical to Brooklyn itself is about rediscovery, comfort, reinvention, cultural,  Bold, and City Driven. Through our design we aim to embody and manifest this energy though today’s streetwear trends as well as popular streetwear trends in the past. Our products have a sensibility & expression that combines excitement, youthful attitude & the inspiration of the city